Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fun Quotes To Send For Whatsapp

Download funny phrases to states in whatsapp

Whenever we go through life with a positive mind and share our good cheer with others. You can help to clear sadness and boredom felt by your friends with a sentence that start them smile.

In this section you will see some super funny for whatsapp states. Update your status with these funny quotes for friends laugh and forget their problems for a moment.

Examples of phrases for funny whatsapp states:

"You can be sure that I prefer to kiss my dog kiss you"

"50% of people who know me think I'm beautiful, also the other 50%"

"More tragic than losing a love is to go to the bathroom and that the paper runs"

"Today is a good day to act out and have fun and forget all morning"

"If you consider virginity a disease, I can help heal"

"Life is also to learn to laugh at yourself and if you can not call me that I'll do it gladly"

"A salute to the great love of my life, although they have not yet given us"

"I used to be indecisive and now is not good man"

"No studying for exams blindly for I trust in my teammates,"

"If you think that money is not happiness, all your salary transfiéreme please"

"Your heart seems the world's largest circus because you always have space for more than a clown"

"There are smiles that love and others that scare even the bravest"

"Alcohol is so magical that makes normal girls look like top models"

"Not that I like having my messy room, it's just a kind of abstract decoration"

"Someone could introduce me to anyone, everyone says it's the only one that wants me"

"Mine is not lazy, I just like saving energy"

"It is believed pretty but not your mirror support it"

"My girlfriend now thinks I'm a car wants handle me everywhere"

"You know you're big when instead of forcing you to force you to get up sleep"

"My desire for you remain the same, although I have wanted to kill you"

"My mother is the only happiness that can plug a finger"

"Understanding women is sometimes difficult to understand the words of Dr."

"I'm not afraid of going to hell because all my friends will be there"

"My girlfriend thinks I'm cheating you, I hope you do not confirm"

"The women say that men are dogs and then them being"

"Believe me, you're ready to start working as a radio model"

"If friends do not lie, then I am nobody's friend"

"Nothing funnier than hearing the sound of a gas in the silence"

We are sure that many of your friends will laugh with these phrases and wish to copy your funny whatsapp states.

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