Friday, 5 December 2014

Free Download Strava Running and Cycling GPS For Android

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is a global positioning tool and training to Android devices whose particularity resides in its integration with monitoring services athletic performance and a strong social component.
Trace your routes or discover new ones

Strava With GPS you can make comprehensive monitoring of your routes when you are out running or cycling. In your map screen you can configure which will cross the road or just do nothing and discover for yourself a new path as the program records your movements and keep this new path in his memory. After your training, the application will inform you in detail about aspects such as distance traveled, number of steps taken, average speed, maximum height and the number of calories burned. There is also the possibility to monitor your heart rate, although this will require use HxM called Zephyr, an external sensor to the chest that will communicate with our mobile via Bluetooth connection.

A very social Coach

Once established our personal brands, Strava GPS will allow us to share and compare our records with those friends that we have added to our contact list. These listings may be divided by contacts you know, people who live near us or directly competitive professionals. Look in the mirror of others will improve our performance at the same time increases our motivation to improve ourselves. In addition to this incentive, the application will propose monthly special challenges for all those who want to try to establish the best brand in the ranking of this test.

The interaction with our friends will enable us to provide feedback to their sporting achievements and click similar to "like" the Facebook button. Regarding the integration with social networks, we may share our progress on both Facebook and Twitter, making it possible though not all of our friends use Strava GPS, all we have added in FB or follow us on Twitter to know our progress. The pictures that we make with our mobile phone before, during or after each training session will be sent to our Instagram account through a specific profile of Strava GPS.

Incentives for Premium users

Strava While GPS is a free downloadable program, those wishing to subscribe to your service Premium Payment enjoy several advantages. One will be the ability to filter user tables by age and weight, so we know more precisely what our performance compared to people our own complexion. We may also set weekly goals and keep track of our progress toward the realization of certain specific in each of our routes times. Using the connection of the heart rate sensor, we can receive a detailed report from the vagaries of the heart during a sports session, which is useful to know our peaks of beats for the race in each of its points.

 Locate our friends and see if at that moment they are running or cycling will be equally possible activating the surcharge. We will offer videos through which a personal trainer will give us the necessary to improve our technique and efficiency by training guidelines. A few useful tips that will join the possibility to benefit from special discounts on the official App Store.

Strava GPS combines the best of satellite and geolocators training programs and monitoring of athletic performance running or biking. If we add a social component as marked as satisfactory, being able to compare our performance with the rest of the Strava community, we have a very complete application that will delight lovers running.
  •      Your monitoring options are varied and well implemented.
  •      The social component goes a step beyond that seen in other applications of this type.
  •      The basic version is free to download, itself being very satisfactory.
  •      The interface is clear and very visual, perfect for all types of users.
  •      Some users have experienced problems when performing excessively long runs, failing to register their trademarks.
 Download Strava Running and Cycling GPS

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