Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Free Download Wishing Happy Christmas Ringtones For Android

Christmas Ringtones is a free application customization ringtones for your mobile phone dipped us squarely in the musical tradition of Christmas can customize your smartphone with the spirit of the most important holiday of the last season.
Up to twenty different shades

Whatever your favorite Christmas song, the'll find Christmas Ringtones, because your playlist amounts to twenty four Christmas classics among which are 'Bells, bells, bells',' A Child is born ',' We wish ',' Holiday Jingles' or universal 'Ho, ho, ho' starring Santa Claus himself. The downside is that, as implied by its title, only available in the English version, which the Spaniards less skilled users in the language of Shakespeare may not fully enjoy the musical experience.

The issues are not only available in its classic version, but the application will house music in various genres, including electronic music, jazz, techno, rock or coral music. All this in a wide variety of music considering it is limited to relate to a very specific time of year tones. It is noteworthy that some of them are engraved with a laugh and do not correspond to the original versions, but urge the user to pick up your phone or take any other action from the rhythm of the classic tune.

  Put your favorite shade anywhere

With each of the songs we performed a total of six actions: establish them as the main ring tone on your phone, share the track with any of our contacts, set it as notification tone for received messages, set it as alarm tone, remove the song from our library or finally add it to our list of favorites which can be accessed from the main menu of the application.

Despite being available only in English, Christmas Ringtones appeal to those looking to print a Christmas ringtones to your mobile phone. His melodious songs customized for the occasion marry perfectly with day to day in which have to be very aware of your phone because you never know when or who will call you to invite nougat or delicious shortbread.
  •      The twenty-four Christmas songs are a more than acceptable number.
  •      Possibility to set the song as your ringtone, message or alarm.
  •      Diversity of genres.
  •      English only.
Download Wishing Happy Christmas Ringtones

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