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Free Download Lumosity 1.0.203 For Android

Lumosity is a game of training for our brains available for Android devices and developed by the company Lumos Labs, INC. In the wake of successes like Brain Training for Nintendo DS, Lumosity's proposal comes wrapped in a scientific halo which ensures a quality product designed to seek the limits of your intelligence.

Boost your intelligence in five ways

In Lumosity we can increase our brain power on up to five different sections: memory, attention, processing speed, mental flexibility and skill in solving problems. Each will have a specific minigame with which enhance each of the sections, although the free version of the title only allow us access three of them every day. To play five minigames and get track our progress with the software we subscribe to their service at a price of € 11.95 per month or € 59.95 a year. For that price we will also have access to forty five minigames available to the official website of Lumosity. Of course, by the time the application is only available in English, so the less skilled users in the use of other languages may have trouble performing the exercises.

  The playable proposals have free access mechanical tailored to specific training they are focused. For memory, the game will show a square board Grizzlies increasing size according solve their levels, which turned some parts will immediately be hidden again. Our goal is to mark the finger where, seconds before, turned the squares. In another, two squares, one with the name of a tone color written in relation to a lower box and in which the name of another color hue variable but appears are displayed. If both agree we should make the "right" box, otherwise click on a cross. In any game, if we fail to advance to the next level automatically, not counting any where we have erred score. At the end of each series of levels, Lumosity show us a scoreboard with our record and position in a ranking of performance of one to five.
Improve your LPI final goal

Lumosity creators have devised a system of organization of mental abilities called LPI (Lumosity Performance Index), which stands as a very visual approach to your performance with the program. The LPI is calculated by performing a weighted average of each of the five variables previously explained, giving a certain LPI score equal the known IQ generally accepted. Unfortunately, to compare our LPI with other users around the world we subscribe to the application, because the free version prevents us with a padlock on the screen.

To improve our LPI games we perform daily basis. A circle of yellow boxes are filled in as it will overcome the various tests, warning us that we have completed the daily training when we finish last. It is recommended that the user use every day because only then applying the desired results are attained and experience an evolution in their brain power that will improve every aspect of the game. Your notification system will enable us to remember that we have not yet made the daily trials if we tend to dismissal.

A worldwide phenomenon

Lumosity has a user base of over sixty million worldwide, in over one hundred and eighty countries. Under the umbrella of the so called Human Cognition Project, this software is backed by prestigious organizations like thirty-six of the best universities in the world or even nine different scientific studies that analyze the impact of the title in cancer patients, healthy adults and other social sectors.

Lumosity is a solid mental training tool that follows the trail of hits like Brain Training and also is recommended by educational agencies around the world. Although the barrier of having to make a subscription service to enjoy it in its entirety would be an unacceptable obstacle for some users depend on these to decide whether it is worth investing some money in having a personal trainer for your brain the palm of your hand.
  •      The application is supported by many educational and scientific institutions worldwide.
  •      Its more than sixty million active users provide boundless data base with which to compare your progress.
  •      The minigames are intelligently designed so that they are enjoyable and effective.
  •      Given the supply of this type of virtual coaches, the price could have been tweaked a bit more.
  •      English only.
  •      The free version has only three of the five games, making it impossible to compare our results with those of other users.
Download Lumosity
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Free Download Puppet Soccer Champions-League For Android

Puppet Soccer Champions-League is a fun and carefree free game for Android devices that lets you control the caricatures of your favorite football players in duels one against one in which achieving a goal will be an experience with which laugh with friends .

The arcade football kilos spiced with humor

The proposal NOXGAMES developer is based on the premise of anything goes. Our goal will be to score a goal, as in all games football, but in this game left over good manners and common rules of the game. Keeping our heads down on our player, who is giant compared to its body finger, we will enable the use of an arrow with the direction that the ball go when hit em. Making use not only of our ability and position in the field but also the stage, we score more goals than our opponents in a given time.

to grace these games one on one is that environments play a key role in every encounter. As if scenarios Super Smash Bros. it were, the pitch will feature dimension and changing platforms and various forms added with which we can interact with our ball. Mastering the art of bouncing on these platforms will be essential to catch our opponents off guard and achieve impossible goals.
Items and big heads, variety is the spice

During the meetings we not only scoring goals but also get gold coins, which will appear randomly in the field, with which buy upgrades or new players. Just hit the ball against them will be ours, swelling our locker. Also there will be special items that will enable us to make life impossible for our opponent, crystal ice once broken with one of our shots, wrapped in ice impossible for our opponents to move for a few seconds. O fabric mummy, which inlay the player in Egyptian shroud quintessential reducing its speed and freedom of movement.

As for the repertoire of available players caricatured version, users can choose from major global stars of world football. Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta, Arjen Robben, Mesut Ozil, Franck Ribery, Xavi, Thiago Silva, Arturo Vidal, Eden Hazard, Thomas Müller, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Andrea Pirlo, Luka Modric, Angel Di Maria, Mario Balotelli, Radamel Falcao, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are just some of them. And what's more, with our victories we can be unlocked more players to over ninety different legends including Zidane, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Pele and Beckenbauer.
Play solo or against a friend

The game modes included in Puppet Champions-League Soccer are based on a solo experience playing against a player controlled by artificial intelligence or measured to a friend. If you choose the second option, the game will allow notification disputing the online game or that both you and your opponent from the same device in split screen mode to display at their ends the perfect perspective for each player.

Puppet Soccer Champions-League is a perfect game for those football fans who do not seek a simulation of his favorite sport, but a casual title that have a laugh and simple mechanics. The incentive to enjoy the cartoons of the brightest stars of world football is in itself a good reason to try it, being able to download completely free but including optional payment options for various items that are not at all necessary to enjoy Android craziest football proposal.
  •      His direct, funny and carefree fits perfectly with his cartoonist aesthetic proposal.
  •      Possible to play solo or against a friend (online or split screen).
  •      The amount of football players available, including legends, amounts to over ninety.
  •      The skills of each player not differ between each other, so choose one based on purely cosmetic.
Download Puppet Soccer Champions-League
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Free Download Bitmoji - Emoji by Bitstrips For Android

Bitmoji is a tool for creating customized for use as emoticons in your favorite instant messaging programs images. Available for Android, you can download at no cost in your store Google Play.

Create yourself and star in your own messages

What makes Bitmoji an interesting application is the ability of your entire character editor to play quite like almost any face possible. Recalling, and even exceeding, the editor of characters from the console Nintendo Wii, our faces are represented by a style between cartoon and caricature curiously sit really well considering the objective of the final images, which is none other that serve emoticons in our conversations on social networks.

After you download the application for free from Google Play, the only thing we do after creating your avatar is checking into the online system Bitmoji. Doing so will be really simple and does not take more than a minute of clock, because the only data required are the user name, an email address and password that you have a good set. If we want, we can also start the application through our Facebook profile, automating the process with just a touch of your finger. The first thing we ask Bitmoji is to choose the gender of the avatar that will edit, beginning after that the process of creating the detail in which countless variables will determine how your character.

A thousand and one different options

Full Editor allows you to modify the shape of the head, skin tone establish what we have, choose the desired haircut and change the shape and position of other basic parts of our face such as eyes, ears, nose or mouth. To the type of pupils, and its color will be editable in interface creation that will offer us beards, glasses and other accessories to complement our avatar with our own personality traits. Defined head, we can configure what kind of physique we and our height. We can also edit our wardrobe, choosing from many types of shirts, hoodies, pants and shoes.

  Once completed our alter ego digital, press the button "save" to almecenarlo our mobile and able to take the next step in editing. And is that using our character as a base, Bitmoji give us a complete list of moods that are represented in our avatar with slight changes in the configuration of the face. Also there will be varied backgrounds and positions with which we can further customize our final emoticon, there is one for almost any situation in our conversations with friends or family.
Share your creation via your favorite social networks

Bitmoji supports applications world's most famous instant messaging. If you're using Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Gmail or any other known application, you can use your avatar in your conversations and send them as an image at any time and any contact. All you have to do is, once inside one of those applications, play with your finger on the icon for your character that is always displayed on the screen, select which'll send image and automatically choose which contact or contacts the you will send instantly.

Bitmoji allow you to forget the frustration of not finding the perfect emoticon to express that idea or respond to that comment you just made, and whose replica is irreproducible with image packs available in standard messaging applications. You who will star in your own emoticons personality giving your digital emotions and, more importantly, completely free of charge.
  •      The depth and possibilities of its comprehensive editor allows to recreate virtually any face.
  •      The application supports programs most famous moment IM.
  •      You can download it for free.
  •      A social component, Nintendo Mii Plaza style, would have been welcome.
  Download Bitmoji - Emoji by Bitstrip
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Free Download Strava Running and Cycling GPS For Android

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is a global positioning tool and training to Android devices whose particularity resides in its integration with monitoring services athletic performance and a strong social component.
Trace your routes or discover new ones

Strava With GPS you can make comprehensive monitoring of your routes when you are out running or cycling. In your map screen you can configure which will cross the road or just do nothing and discover for yourself a new path as the program records your movements and keep this new path in his memory. After your training, the application will inform you in detail about aspects such as distance traveled, number of steps taken, average speed, maximum height and the number of calories burned. There is also the possibility to monitor your heart rate, although this will require use HxM called Zephyr, an external sensor to the chest that will communicate with our mobile via Bluetooth connection.

A very social Coach

Once established our personal brands, Strava GPS will allow us to share and compare our records with those friends that we have added to our contact list. These listings may be divided by contacts you know, people who live near us or directly competitive professionals. Look in the mirror of others will improve our performance at the same time increases our motivation to improve ourselves. In addition to this incentive, the application will propose monthly special challenges for all those who want to try to establish the best brand in the ranking of this test.

The interaction with our friends will enable us to provide feedback to their sporting achievements and click similar to "like" the Facebook button. Regarding the integration with social networks, we may share our progress on both Facebook and Twitter, making it possible though not all of our friends use Strava GPS, all we have added in FB or follow us on Twitter to know our progress. The pictures that we make with our mobile phone before, during or after each training session will be sent to our Instagram account through a specific profile of Strava GPS.

Incentives for Premium users

Strava While GPS is a free downloadable program, those wishing to subscribe to your service Premium Payment enjoy several advantages. One will be the ability to filter user tables by age and weight, so we know more precisely what our performance compared to people our own complexion. We may also set weekly goals and keep track of our progress toward the realization of certain specific in each of our routes times. Using the connection of the heart rate sensor, we can receive a detailed report from the vagaries of the heart during a sports session, which is useful to know our peaks of beats for the race in each of its points.

 Locate our friends and see if at that moment they are running or cycling will be equally possible activating the surcharge. We will offer videos through which a personal trainer will give us the necessary to improve our technique and efficiency by training guidelines. A few useful tips that will join the possibility to benefit from special discounts on the official App Store.

Strava GPS combines the best of satellite and geolocators training programs and monitoring of athletic performance running or biking. If we add a social component as marked as satisfactory, being able to compare our performance with the rest of the Strava community, we have a very complete application that will delight lovers running.
  •      Your monitoring options are varied and well implemented.
  •      The social component goes a step beyond that seen in other applications of this type.
  •      The basic version is free to download, itself being very satisfactory.
  •      The interface is clear and very visual, perfect for all types of users.
  •      Some users have experienced problems when performing excessively long runs, failing to register their trademarks.
 Download Strava Running and Cycling GPS
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Free Download TwoDots 1.1.3 For Android

TwoDots is a fun puzzle game for Android devices offered us help two beloved characters on an adventure through levels full of colored dots and evidence on which our visual perception and quick thinking will play a decisive role. The title, developed by the company Playdots, is free to download, but includes the ability to buy extra lives, bombs or more movements through its official store.
Stitch by stitch

The proposed TwoDots is, as its name suggests, simple at first glance his game concept but tremendously as we move deeper into the adventure. Basically each phase screen will show a number of colored dots, but when it comes to knowing what to do with them our goals will vary at each level. The simplest of all will be able to eliminate a number of points of a color concrete, or dyed, but also exist sink tasks like getting a certain number of anchors or break the ice crystals that envelop certain colored dots while the fire advances at our sides on the screen.

The way to eliminate points will be chaining our finger a line connecting the largest number of them, always the same color in each stroke. Once deleted, the colored dots that were above fall in cascade mode occupying the spaces left by previous. If instead got a line draw a square that four of these points, all points of that color will immediately disappear from the screen giving way to new ones, which will be a perfect move if the goal is to get many points in a given color.

TwoDots has the not inconsiderable amount of 135 different levels at which the number of points, the variety of their colors and make increasingly difficult as we move up the challenge to grow, forcing us to improve our perception and ability to overcome the phases more difficult. At the top left of the screen a counter movement will show the limit of actions you can perform at that level, having to achieve our goals before this number reaches zero. If we have too movements, our point counter (located at the bottom of the screen) is thicken with an extra reward.

  A minimalist and nice design

The simple geometric shapes and nice character design based on circles and pastel colors give personality to a game that is very nice to look at. Moreover, the interface is really simple enabling easy play each level in an intuitive and enjoyable way, even if you usually do not play anything on your mobile phone regularly. The music, meanwhile, perfectly accompanies each level without becoming repetitive, and far from the maddening melodies present in other games and end up tarnishing the game experience.

In addition to the above, TwoDots has direct access to Facebook after each level to share with your friends your score and can also view all your contacts. This markedly social side will make you itch all of them trying to beat your marks and get the much coveted three stars in each of its phases. TwoDots is simple but not boring, quite the contrary. Download it now for free and discover a title that has fallen and tens of thousands of users.
  •      The proposal boasts simple puzzles in appearance but deep and intelligent.
  •      The 135 levels ensure fun for long.
  •      Its connectivity with Facebook will last longer allowing the resentments among friends to see who gets the highest score.
  •      In phases where the fire progresses, the essence of relaxation is lost in achieving our perfect movement, creating a tension due to lack of time without the other levels.
Download TwoDots
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Free Download Facebook Groups For Android

Facebook Groups is the latest iteration in Android giant run by Mark Zuckerberg in which free can view, create, manage and interact with each and every one of the groups that make up our list on Facebook.

All your groups in the palm of your hand

If until now you were one of those users who believed that the system implementation group's official Facebook application was much improved, you're in luck. Facebook Groups has come to solve this problem at a stroke and offer a quick and simple tool for you access them with the same editing possibilities and interaction with your web browser. If the strategy of dismembering services into separate applications is a good idea (there app for Facebook, Facebook Messenger and now Facebook Groups) is a different issue, but what is clear is that if you are an active user groups in this social network you'll need this software.

The first thing you have to do is log on to our Facebook account. Thus we enter the first menu of Facebook Groups, which will show in speech bubble icons each and every one of the groups to which we belong. In each of these icons a little blue number corresponding to the number of new notifications that have occurred within appears. The second column, represented by a globe, allow us to see the latest notifications with whom we interacted, just as happens in the official Facebook app.
The algorithm finds you similar groups

A curious novelty of Facebook Groups is a list that will change dynamically appear in the third column in the main menu, where a compass is shown and whose brain is an algorithm that will show on screen only groups with which it is more than probably feel affinity. Thus, finding other groups on your favorite topics will be easier than ever, saving time and avoiding you search. Just click "Join" send the request to the administrator of that group, and if you disagree with our tastes we can let them know to Facebook pressing "I do not care", which disappear from the list and the application will remember your choice having it in mind when new show.

  In the configuration menu we can also see the list of all the groups in which we aggregate and access various privacy options, report a problem or logout. At the bottom of the screen two small icons that allow us to manually scan any group by name or, in the lower right, press the "+" button to create our own group appear. This choice will enable us to categorize our group by type: family, close friends, sale, neighbors, parents, teammates or a custom category will become available options. Of course, you can configure your privacy between public, closed or secret. Within each group we can make publications exactly like the official Facebook application, including the ability to attach images in our comments or click "Like" on publications of others.

Facebook Groups thus becomes the third leg on which the experience with this social network on Android devices will be sustained after the successful applications of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The need to manage groups of the popular social network has been sued by users for a long time, and the fact is that this software has met expectations by providing a solid and consistent interface experience with company standards. No mean a revolution in design, Facebook Groups make you life easier if you are an active user with many digital social life.
  •      The application manages fluidly our Facebook group, which became cumbersome in the official app of the social network.
  •      Its automatic search algorithm show us, with increasing accuracy as time passes, the groups that we might be interested.
  •      The app is free.
  •      Assumes a division of the Facebook experience, making us wonder whether it would be more logical to include all company applications into one.
  Download Facebook Groups
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Free Download Wishing Happy Christmas Ringtones For Android

Christmas Ringtones is a free application customization ringtones for your mobile phone dipped us squarely in the musical tradition of Christmas can customize your smartphone with the spirit of the most important holiday of the last season.
Up to twenty different shades

Whatever your favorite Christmas song, the'll find Christmas Ringtones, because your playlist amounts to twenty four Christmas classics among which are 'Bells, bells, bells',' A Child is born ',' We wish ',' Holiday Jingles' or universal 'Ho, ho, ho' starring Santa Claus himself. The downside is that, as implied by its title, only available in the English version, which the Spaniards less skilled users in the language of Shakespeare may not fully enjoy the musical experience.

The issues are not only available in its classic version, but the application will house music in various genres, including electronic music, jazz, techno, rock or coral music. All this in a wide variety of music considering it is limited to relate to a very specific time of year tones. It is noteworthy that some of them are engraved with a laugh and do not correspond to the original versions, but urge the user to pick up your phone or take any other action from the rhythm of the classic tune.

  Put your favorite shade anywhere

With each of the songs we performed a total of six actions: establish them as the main ring tone on your phone, share the track with any of our contacts, set it as notification tone for received messages, set it as alarm tone, remove the song from our library or finally add it to our list of favorites which can be accessed from the main menu of the application.

Despite being available only in English, Christmas Ringtones appeal to those looking to print a Christmas ringtones to your mobile phone. His melodious songs customized for the occasion marry perfectly with day to day in which have to be very aware of your phone because you never know when or who will call you to invite nougat or delicious shortbread.
  •      The twenty-four Christmas songs are a more than acceptable number.
  •      Possibility to set the song as your ringtone, message or alarm.
  •      Diversity of genres.
  •      English only.
Download Wishing Happy Christmas Ringtones
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