Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Free Download World's Hardest Game For Android

World's Hardest Game (The hardest game in the world) is a free skill game for Android devices that delivers what it promises to subject the player to a psychological war in which to complete his fifty levels can be a physically impossible obstacle.
Such a simple proposed as hopeless

The approach Flash Game Studio developer proposes to World's Hardest Game is as simple as Machiavellian. And it seemed that the purpose of the title was despair rather than entertain. The proposal is simple, we are a red square whose goal is to survive at levels filled with traps reaching a shaded green area, which can be on the other end of the map or to be the area where we started, prior trip the environment to get a key or other item. The stage, meanwhile, will not remain indifferent to our movements, it will display a whole long list of both static and moving we have to avoid traps because the slightest touch will make our red square back to square one taking to start again from the beginning.

Some levels, however, have shadows shaded in green in the middle of the stage, which act as checkpoints to return if the player dies. The rate and extent of cheating on screen will make us sweat blood to move from the earliest levels of the title, with a total of fifty stages of increasing difficulty going, to get an idea of how difficult to impossible . So much so that if we can complete the title with less than a hundred deaths teachers can consider one of skill in the world, because it is likely that in most levels die dozens of times before completion. The objectives will range from simply reaching the shaded area in green, yellow spheres collect along the way, or get a key to unlock the next stage area to move forward.

  A graphic style of the old school

The staging of World's Hardest Game is as simple as its approach. The symbols on the screen are represented by simple geometric figures spot color and a retro design that expands to the whole scenario. Square or round shapes and an aerial view in two dimensions make up a graphical interface specifically designed so nothing disturbs our concentration when playing.

In the sound section will have a single song in MIDI format that could eventually be tiresome to some players, but anytime we can disable it from the game screen by pressing the MUTE button, which alone will have the sound effects when you get a key, exceed a level or, of course, death.

World's Hardest Game has become a phenomenon on the internet since it went on sale, but is still being updated by their creators constantly adding levels or patches. The gaming community share their experiences title video in video channels like YouTube where we can see how they are in despair and die while playing repeatedly. Certainly World's Hardest Game delivers what it promises in its title, now up to you to accept or reject a proposal that will not leave you indifferent.


  •      If you like hard games, you probably will not find another more complicated.
  •      Fifty levels are a big enough challenge to keep you hooked for weeks.


  •      Graphically it is too simple and the music becomes repetitive.
Download World's Hardest Game

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