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[War Thunder] Free Download For Windows

War Thunder is a next-gen Free2Play MMO flight simulator that is struggling in a difficult position against competitors World of Warplanes. The baseline scenario are the battles of the Second World War, in which you fight for supremacy in authentic planes. Since May 2014, the prognoses and ground forces like tanks can now be sent into battle.

War Thunder: supremacy in the air

In the game, the warring nations America, England, Russia, Germany and Japan are available and you can for a reason contingent of aircraft and recently also choose tanks of different nations. In the course then you have the opportunity to earn you new cars and the existing machine, with the help of Credit "Silver Lions" to improve and adapt visually. Overall, you are well over a hundred authentic planes and tanks available.

In addition biplanes of the early war years and classics like the Japanese Mitsubishi Zero, the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 or the American P51 Mustang, can be found including lesser-known models, such as the Gloster Meteor or the Heinkel He 162 A. One thing is for all models in common: both design and effects, as well as sound and technique of engines and weapons much emphasis was placed on fidelity and realism.

War Thunder: There is war

War Thunder offers, thanks to the realistic flight characteristics of the aircraft, an authentic aerial combat experience, but true due to the different game modes to all types of players. So beginners come in "Arcade" mode at their expense, in which not only unlimited ammo is available, but the players are selected according to their own level of experience.

More experienced contemporaries are found in the "Historical battles" the necessary challenge. While you are playing here in 16-to-16-player battles against similar levels, but the aircraft must be started and ended by hand and by the larger battlegrounds, and based on historical events considerably more strategic skill is in the historic battles in demand.

War Thunder: Flight behavior and modes

If you select "simulator battles" missing only the cold cockpit air and the smell of kerosene to the full dose pilot action. There is no automatic Identification friend or foe more and you can see what is happening only in the pilot perspective behind the stick. In addition, the flight behavior of each model is based even closer to the real-world counterparts and the trajectory of the bullets was modeled authentic. The Resupply no longer happens automatically during the flight, but the pilot must therefor the native base approach.

But all have one thing in common modes - the pronounced damage model. This results affect the flight and after a launch themselves emergency landings are still possible. Brings you his bird still "safe" back to Earth, it will be rewarded with the "Silver Lion" -Credits.

Apart from the impressive and realistic technique War Thunder offers the catchy control the mouse and keyboard. Various assistant ships facilitate Here again the entry for newcomers, but can be configured to desire or even completely disable.

To complain, however, is the control with the joystick, something difficult it is in the current state and the users are at a disadvantage against players with something other input devices.
War Thunder: game currency

With its "Golden Eagles" Gaijin provides the pilot with a War Thunder game currency to achieve progress through the game faster. In the premium shop located airplane spaces and special premium machines can acquire and increase the size of the squads with premium status of three to four. There are several premium packages available and the annual subscription costs around 70 euros.

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