Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wander Game Free Download For Windows

Wander is probably more an interactive story than a normal game. The focus is on a spiritual experience, which is to be built not only by the lively nature, but also by adopting various forms.

In the spirit of other "interactive story games" like Dear Esther Gone Home or is not reaching a goal in the foreground, but the playful experience as a total experience. The non-competitive MMO title for which you can slip among others in the role of a wandering tree or a griffin, completely omitted fighting. The alpha version of the game is already available, final versions we can expect for the PC via Steam and for the Playstation 4 - but a release date is not yet known. On IndieDB, a platform for independent developers, you keep the Australian developer of the current status of the project to date.

Impressive concept drawings of the developer already give an impression of the expansive game world of MMOs. Here, idyllic nature mixed with futuristic buildings:

A first trailer already suggests good as full of atmosphere will be the final game. Also, you catch a glimpse of Oren, the wandering tree with which you start the game. 

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