Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Models For Declaration Of Love Letter

Download free sample letters to declare your love

What begins as a friendship can end in something else. Many couples start out as friends first and then to know better realize that no special chemistry between them.

If you fall for your friend without even realizing it and you can not keep hiding, it's time to open your heart and tell somehow.

Do romantically through a love letter. In this section two models of truly declare my love letter to a friend.

Example 1 declaration of love letter:

From: Roshini
To: Asif

Hello Asif, you may be surprised to receive a letter from me since we are both very often but I do it because there is something very important you should know.

I am happy to have known you since got along perfectly and we have many things in common. Both are people who like challenges and we always act honestly. You're one of the few people who understands me and despite not knowing much time I know I can trust you and you trust me.

If today I decided to write this letter is because I can no longer hide my feelings. My heart is beating for you and would be very happy if our friendship becomes something more. I do not know exactly when or how it happened but I am sure that I love you. Now there is no turning back because you know what I feel and want to know if you feel the same.

If you accept to be with me promise that I love you with all my being and my hand all your days be happy. Only ask you to be honest with me and give me an answer soon.

Example 2 declaration of love letter:
From: Reena
To: Rahul

Hi Rahul, you are one of the most knowledgeable people I know and I always say what I feel, is why today I decided to write this letter to you.

Since we are friends many good things have happened to me and oddly enough I feel I've known you a lifetime. In the world there are few men like you and that's something I treasure. I like it when you make me company when I'm confused and I doubt you get around my head and when we talked about our lives and we ended up laughing about anything.

I feel lucky to be your friend but that's not enough. I'm in love with you and if I told you in person is because I had no courage. Those who feel for you is true love and if you feel the same for me will be a very happy couple.

Now who has the last word is you, if you accept me as a partner or not only depends on you. Before closing this letter I want to tell you you're a wonderful guy and whatever your decision I understand.

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