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Free Download Superuser Apk For Android

Superuser is definitely an very handy application for the Android Smartphone or tablet that functions like a “Security Guard” and defines the main permissions for various applications and games placed on your device. In a way, Superuser application guarantees that the Android device’s system files aren’t modified unnecessarily by different games and applications without your permission.

Nowadays, applications and games are injected with malicious scripts. Some games and applications may attempt to steal your individual information although some others attempt to damage your computer data if you take within the charge of your device’s OS after you have root access. Superuser Android application guarantees that just your allowed, clean applications obtain access to the needed file system, obstructing other unnecessary file system modification options.

Superuser is available in two versions, the first is the fundamental free version that are obtainable free of charge and could be utilized on any Android Smartphone or Tablet to secure its file system against possible attacks. You are able to download the entire (latest) APK file of Superuser’s free version at below provided download links. The professional form of the application is top quality as Superuser Elite and could be bought from Google Play Store in a cost close to $3 USD.

Options that come with Superuser: Once we talked about earlier that Superuser blocks unnecessary attempts to modify your device’s file system. Thus when the application is installed and set up in your Android device, your phone or tablet’s OS and it is important core files become secure. The application mandates that you have a rooted Android phone or tablet.

The fundamental features found in Superuser free application are nearly much like those of its Elite version. If you are planning to buy the professional Elite form of the application, then your Superuser Elite will unlock these functions for you personally.

  •     Advance log management
  •     Notification configurations for individual applications
  •     Pin protection from the application to prevent unauthorized modifications towards the application configuration
  •     Application configurations backup and restore
  •     NFC support
  •     Ghost mode

In beta form of Superuser 3, additional features happen to be introduced. These functions aren’t stable fully yet and you have to install the beta form of the application to test the characteristics. Features are highlighted below.

  •     Entire configurations backup and restore
  •     SQLite installer and verifier
  •     A widget (with undefined features)
  •     Root console

It was a short summary of Superuser Android application. Listed here are the download links for you personally.

 Download Superuser

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